Today is one of my favorite days of the year.  The start of the 2013 NBA Playoffs.  Here is my predictions for this year.  Fill free to comment…

Eastern Conference

First Round 

Heat vs Bucks: To much Lebron.  Sorry Jennings.  Heat in 4.

Nets vs Bulls:  Don’t trust a overpaid Nets team.  Bulls play team ball.  Bulls in 6.

Pacers vs Hawks:  Never trust a team from Atlanta.  Pacers in 5.

Knicks vs Boston:  Never trust Carmelo.  Boston in 7.

Conference Semi Finals

Heat vs Bulls:  Physical series.  In the end, too much Lebron and no Rose.  Heat in 5.

Pacers vs Celtics: Too similar teams.  Old vs young.  Last run for the C’S. C’s in 7.

Eastern Conference Finals

Heat vs Celtics: Too much Lebron(Are you noticing a theme here?).  Heat in 5.

Now lets move on to the Western Conference…

Western Conference  

First Round

Thunder vs Rockets: Harden vs Old team is a cool story but….Thunder in 4.

Clippers vs Grizzlies:  Lob city is overrated.  Grizz in 5.

Nuggets vs Golden State: Can you say shoot out?  Nuggets in 7.

Spurs vs Lakers: Dwightmare…I hope.  Spurs in 6. 

Conference Semi Finals

Thunder vs Grizzlies: Tough Tough Series.  Durant saves day.  Thunder in 7.

Nuggets vs Spurs:  Spurs cannot run.  Nuggets in 6.

Western Conference Finals

Thunder vs Nuggets:  Nuggets keep it close but not close enough. Thunder in 5.

Here we go.  Time for the NBA FINALS…


Heat vs Thunder: Rematch.  Hardenless Thunder makes for a Westbrook melt down.


King James gets fitted for his second ring